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Childcare outside the family – An opportunity for development

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Childcare outside the family – An opportunity for development

Andrea Lanfranchi and Ria-Elisa Schrottmann (ed.)
With an epilogue by Remo H. Largo

What do small children require in order to develop well? It takes more than just love. They need challenging environments. They need other children, as well as grown-ups, offering support and encouragement, both within and outside their own family, for example in day nurseries.
The "outside support" provided by crèches, day care centres and childminders was previously regarded as an emergency solution. Nowadays, however, most parents think otherwise, although feelings of uncertainty and guilt have not disappeared. Is my absence to the detriment of my child? Is the child being given as much encouragement and support as the mother would give?

This book takes a look at the basic questions facing parents, experts and policymakers, although it puts the child in the middle and turns prejudices and outdated research findings on their head. The very latest studies clearly indicate that childcare outside family life has a very positive effect on the development of small children, provided it is of good quality.
How do the facilities on offer in Switzerland and the country's framework conditions rate? Where do changes need to be made, and what is the outlook based on social trends and the latest findings?


This book, which is intelligently and factually written, with examples of practical implementation and innovations, provides an overview of the current situation in terms of the childcare on offer in Switzerland to complement family and school life.

ISBN 3-258-06748-1
EUR 22.00/CHF 36.00
Available from any bookshop


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